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 “The real danger is not in loving too much; it is in loving too little, too infrequently and too late. Show up with love – beginning today.”

Marci Moore

Have you noticed? 

The world around us is crying out for love: people standing in line, people jammed into cubicles at work, people hungry for someone to make the time to listen. Friends and relatives crave deeper connections than quick texts or passing conversations. Service organizations cry out for volunteers. 

Cyclists want drivers to treat them courteously; motorcyclists want others to watch for them on the road. We all pray for peace so more of our children and parents serving overseas come back home with open arms instead of tucked inside flag draped caskets. We want to wake up to people using words, not guns, to solve disputes, to safer schools, to something greater (kinder and more compassionate) than what exists in this moment. 

We want to know others are watching out for us as much as we are watching out for them.

The longer we wait for someone else to leap in and make it so, the longer our world suffers from a lack of love. 

The world needs YOU. The world needs all of us.

Choosing to show up with love every day - with the gifts we already have, in the relationships we already have, in the interactions we already have – is something each of us can do.

The more of us who are willing to love all out, the more loving our world will become.

You can wrap love in and around everything you do. In your workplace. In your community. In your home. In the larger world. Daily. Not just when there is a disaster. In big, grand gestures and in small, ordinary ones.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a hut, a mansion or a prison cell. It doesn’t matter if you are wealthy, middle class or poor. It doesn’t matter if you are Buddhist, Baptist, Catholic, agnostic or atheist or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, married or single. 

No matter who you are or what you believe, you can choose to show up with love.

Today. And again tomorrow.

SHOW UP WITH LOVE is an invitation. It isn’t about what you’ll get in exchange for loving. Rather, it’s more about who you’ll become along the way - an agent of love.  

The more you act from a loving place, the more opportunities you’ll see to take loving action. 

Are you in?

We are so excited about our new Show Up with Love greeting card line, distributed by Applied Insight. The cards are a collaboration between Marci Moore and artist Mary Anne Radmacher. Click here and scroll to "Marci Moore" on the left hand side of the screen (or just click on the photo above). 

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